The best golfers in history

There have been hundreds of amazing golfers to grace the courses around the world, but there are only a few who really stand out. These players are the best of the best, and are the top five ever to swing a club.

Gary Player

Known as the Black Knight, Player secured 9 major competitions during his career, while also taking home 24 PGA Tour victories. He might have won more PGA competitions had he played more often, instead, Player won 72 times on South Africa’s Sunshine Tour. He is one of only five players to complete the grand slam, becoming the only non-American to win all four majors. Player was fond of both the Masters and the Open Championship, winning both three times.

The best golfers in history

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is simply referred to as ‘The King,’ and was golf’s very first star thanks to the dawn of the television age. Palmer was a charming man and spent almost 20 years at the top of the golfing world. The legendary player won a total of 62 PGA Tour events and won seven majors, including the Masters four times. Although he spent two decades as golf’s star, he won his majors pretty close together, hitting a purple patch over seven years between 1958 and 1964.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan was best-known for his ball striking ability and was always super smooth around the course. He won nine majors throughout his career including four U.S. Opens. Hogan won his final major in 1953, scooping three of the four in that same year. He was unable to try for a grand slam that year because of a scheduling error, when two tournament’s dates overlapped.

Tiger Woods

Few could have predicted that in 2008 Tiger Woods would win his final major, and ten years later he’s still on 14 won. It looked a certainty that Woods would win the most majors and most PGA Tour victories, but it was never meant to be. Instead, it’s a question of what might have been for Woods, who surely would have surpassed Nicklaus had he stayed healthy. Woods has been plagued with injuries so comes up just short behind Jack Nicklaus. Woods was the only player ever to win all four modern-day majors in succession, and it may never be done again.

The best golfers in history

Jack Nicklaus

The all-time record majors winner is Jack Nicklaus, and surely he must be considered the greatest ever. Not only did he win 18 majors but he came second 19 times and third another nine times. Each time he stepped onto the course everyone knew they would have to play unbelievably well to prevent Nicklaus from triumphing and even then it wasn’t always good enough. He is the oldest ever major winner after securing victory, and his green jacket, at the age of 46 in 1986.

These players went out and made a name for themselves on the golf course. They didn’t accept second best and were determined to beat anyone who stood in their way, earning themselves legendary status in the process.