Workouts that actually build your strength

Whether you’re just starting out at the gym or you’re looking for a way to change up your exercise programme, many of us want to become stronger. It could be time to try out the workouts that actually build your strength rather than the ones that just claim to.


These are an oldie, but a goodie as squats have become a firm favorite for many of us over the years. There are so many varieties, including sumo squats to help target your inner thighs, goblet squats to strengthen your glutes, and plyometric squats to help get your heart pumping at the same time as increasing the muscles in your legs. To take these up a level, you can even use weights of a kettlebell to make things harder.

Workouts that actually build your strength

Bicep curls

This is a simple strength building exercise that involves lifting a weight in your hand up to your shoulder by bending your elbow. However, it can be easy to cheat and use momentum to lift the weight up. If you find yourself looking for the easier root, then lifting with your back against a wall should help to discourage making things easier. Just be sure to perform an equal number of reps on each side.

Bench press

Bench pressing is a simple place to start for anyone looking to improve their upper body strength. All you need is a bench and a barbell weight to start you off. It’s crucial to arch your back and have a spotter to reduce the risk of any injuries. As you continue to lift, you may find the weight gets easier. All you need to do is add some more weight to the bar to keep building your strength.


What’s the best thing about a plank? It’s all on you. That’s right; this exercise solely relies on your body weight and can target many muscles all throughout your body as a result. As well as strengthening your arms, planking can also help build strength in your legs, back, and abs, as well as reduce any back pain you might be feeling. It seems as though there’s nothing this workout can’t do.


Lunges typically help to build plenty of muscle in your legs and improve the strength of your lower body. There are also several varieties to target all areas of your legs. Reverse lunges are often thought to be better for anyone suffering from knee pain while side lunges work the inside of your leg, curtsy lunges can work your glutes and calves, and split lunge jumps can get your heart rate up while strengthening your lower half.

Workouts that actually build your strength

Starting a new workout can seem like a daunting task, but it no longer has to be as scary as it feels – especially when you have all the tools you need to start a workout that actually builds your strength. It might not be long before you notice everything suddenly seems to weight a lot less than before.