7 amazing things that will happen when you do plank every day

Planking. The word alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of many. But now it looks as though there could be good reasons to torture ourselves for a minute or two a day. However, there could be a good reason to get practicing every day, especially with these benefits.

Less chance of injury

Planking is the perfect exercise for those looking to strengthen their core without putting too much pressure on the hips or spine. By doing planks every day, you will begin to up the strength in these muscles one step at a time. In the long run, the muscles will create a support network for the rest of your body. This means that as well as being less likely to injure yourself while doing the exercise, planking can also help to support your spine as well as potentially reduce back pain altogether.

Perfect your posture

No longer will you have to walk around with a stack of books on your head to help improve your posture. By planking every day, you are helping to keep all your joints and bones right where they are meant to be. Plus, the muscles will be stronger meaning they are more able to hold your body in the correct position. To top it all off, having a good posture will help to keep your spine aligned as well as improving any back pain. Bonus!

7 amazing things that will happen when you do plank every day

Improving performance and definition

Let’s be honest, planking is hard work. But why is it so hard? Because it is engaging four major muscle groups all at once! The glutes, oblique muscles, rectus abdominis, and transverse abdominis are all located in your middle and help to support the trunk of your body. A plank a day could keep many problems away, in addition to making you feel better anymore. Some of the benefits of training these muscles include the ability to lift heavier objects and being able to jump higher! As a bonus, you may even get that famous six-pack.

Balance boost

Maybe you have had to stand on one leg but find yourself wobbling all over the place? You’re not alone, and this is just one sign your balance could do with some fine tweaking. By getting down and planking every day, you will be strengthening the muscles in your abdominals which are in charge of keeping you balanced. This won’t only help when you are entering a flamingo impersonator contest; balance is key to many aspects and sports in life. Now it’s time to start living as sturdy as a rock.

Metabolism benefits

It isn’t only the muscles involved that will benefit from daily planking – your whole body will, too. It is shown that planking burns more calories than sit-ups and crunches, but the benefits don’t end there. Strengthening your muscles means you will burn more calories even when you aren’t exercising. That means by doing a plank at the beginning and end of the day will help keep your metabolism up even when you are sat in the office at a computer. Is this thing real or is it magic?!

7 amazing things that will happen when you do plank every day

A chance to get bendy

Although it may not seem like it, planking every day will help improve your flexibility. While in the traditional plank, you are also working on developing your shoulder muscles, collarbones, and shoulder blades that will help with upper flexibility. Down below, planking helps to stretch your hamstrings as well as your toes and the arches in your feet. If you add in some plank variations, such as a side plank, you’ll even feel the benefits in your oblique muscles. Dreams of becoming Elastigirl may no longer be so far away after all.

Mental improvement

It is proven that exercise helps to improve our mood thanks to the endorphins released by our brains. Sometimes sitting down all day at school or in an office can leave our muscles feeling tight or tired. By getting active, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day, you could help to give your brain the boost you need. It will also help to stretch out any muscles that have been left feeling sore from a day at work, as well as improving all-around well-being when you see the physical improvements.

As much as the thought may be off-putting, there are so many benefits to this simple exercise. For just a few minutes a day, you could soon be reaping in the rewards from all the hard work. Now it’s just time to drop and give us 30 seconds!