Serena Williams’s message to fans after dramatic loss

In sports, you have to learn to lose, even if it hurts. The most successful athletes in the world take that feeling of defeat and hold on to it for the next time they face competition. Serena Williams has won in tennis more than most, and after suffering a dramatic loss, fans began to worry about the icon. She had a message for all those fans who were fearing they were seeing the beginning of the end for her.

Not her day

Serena was playing in the 2019 French Open and had been expected to go far in the tournament. She has won that tournament three times already, and some thought she would be in the running for a fourth. Serena had been away from tennis for a year to give birth to her daughter Olympia, and then had suffered from some injuries.

She is such a dominant figure in tennis that it was a surprise to see her struggling. Things started okay for Serena, but in the third round, she suffered a surprise defeat to fellow American player Sofia Kenin.

On the tennis tour, most of the women can beat each other, but it’s always a surprise if Serena goes out, especially as early as the third round. It was the first time she had been dumped out of a Grand Slam that early in five years.

Addressing her followers

Serena suffered the shock defeat, but she was quick to post a message to her supporters to show why she is such a champion. The 23-time Grand Slam winner said it wasn’t her day, but “it’s about getting up time and time again after you fall.” Her attitude is all about being a better tennis player tomorrow than she was today by constantly getting better. Serena ended her post with the line, “Here’s to a multitude of tomorrows.”

Support came flooding in

American football star Tom Brady offered some word of support for the tennis champion. Brady wrote, “You got that right,” before posting an emoji of a goat, suggesting that Serena is the greatest player of all time.

Perhaps it takes greatness to recognize greatness, as Brady has been labeled the nest football player of all time. Eva Longoria offered support for Serena too, replying with a, “Yes Ma’am,” followed by the hand-clapping emojis.

Full of surprises

If Serena and her fans were surprised by the loss to Kenin, then it was nothing compared to the young American star’s reaction. Kenin had moved to America as a baby from Russia, and she said after the game that she was “still trying to process what just happened.” She followed that up by saying Serena is a “true champion and inspiration.”

Taking it like a champ

Serena took her loss to the 20-year-old Kenin with the grace that any champions should in defeat. This was in contrast to her loss to Naomi Osaka at the US Open in 2018 when Serena couldn’t control her emotions and overshadowed the young star’s first major win.

Serena had been upset about the calls made in her match against Osaka and made sure to let the umpire know exactly how she was feeling. Serena admitted that it has been a struggle for her to find form as her injuries were slowing her progress down.

In just one Instagram post, Serena Williams highlighted just how great her mentality is. She is a champion, and any loss she has suffered has always made her stronger. The shock defeat in the 2019 French Open was just another lesson for her to learn.