Who’s the best boxer of all-time?

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Boxing is a sport that has many greats, but it seems almost impossible to determine who is the greatest of all-time. We’re looking at the candidates and trying to name who we think is the best ever. Will it be Ali, Mayweather, Tyson, or someone else?

Mike Tyson

When Tyson first entered the heavyweight boxing world, he was perhaps the scariest man on the planet. He ran through the division, knocking people out in a matter of seconds with his ferocious punching power.

Although small in stature for a heavyweight his power was no joke and it was only later in his career that he began to run into trouble. If Tyson could have kept his head in the game h might have been the best ever, but the number of losses he suffered mean he falls just short.

Lennox Lewis

One of the men able to best Tyson was Lennox Lewis, despite how desperately the former tried to get in his head. The only way to beat Lewis was to knock him out and twice he was beaten, but twice he avenged his losses. Lewis retired in 2004 as the undisputed king of the heavyweight division after victories over Holyfield, Klitschko, and Tyson.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Who can really question the skills of Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Retiring with 50 victories and no losses has never been done before, and Mayweather is one of the greatest defensive boxers of all time. His great strength is his timing and movement, which made him impossible to hit in the ring.

Mayweather’s opponents would be exhausted by the end of the fight as he inevitably won a decision victory. If he had more finishes on his resume, Mayweather would be the undisputed best ever.

Muhammad Ali

How could any list of best boxers ever not have Muhammad Ali on it? He is, for many people, simply the best despite some of the losses he suffered at the end of his career. Ali was so agile in the ring, especially when you consider his size, that it was so hard for his opponents to pin him down. His Rumble in the Jungle battle against George Foreman is one of the most iconic boxing matches of all time.

Rocky Marciano

Like Mayweather, Rocky Marciano also retired unbeaten, though with only 49 victories. He’s considered one of the best ever as his record came in an arguably tougher division, heavyweight. Taking punches is risky business amongst the heavyweights, and for Marciano to retire without defeat is extraordinary. He knocked out legends of his era and in doing so became one of the biggest boxing legends ever.

Sugar Ray Robinson

Some believe Robinson is the greatest ever and perhaps if Muhammed Ali didn’t have the charisma he did, then he would be. Robinson took on any challenge was fought across multiple divisions, securing 108 knockout victories along the way. His final victory total was 173, and few boxers have ever had the longevity of Robinson, especially when you consider how many divisions he fought across.

Deciding the greatest of all-time is subjective, but Muhammad Ali had such a big impact on the boxing world it’s impossible to leave him off the top spot.

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