Pro athletes that could’ve pursued a career in comedy

Athletes are already the envy of millions thanks to their amazing skills in their sport, but to top it all off, these stars are also hilarious. These are the pro athletes who could’ve had a career in comedy if sports didn’t go so well.

Peyton Manning

It seems as though the Super Bowl-winning quarterback was already thinking about comedy before hanging up his cleats. The former Colts star was often spotted in a ton of commercials, often making fun of himself, or just making people laugh. Not only has he done funny commercials but Manning has even made it to comedy already thanks to SNL. He might have come across as a serious guy when it was game time, but when he’s away from football, he’s a hoot.

Shaquille O’Neal

Big Shaq might as well turn his had to comedy at this point because it seems he’s pretty good at whatever he tries. Since retiring, haw has moved into broadcasting, and it seems as though it’s his main goal to make viewers at home laugh rather than understand basketball. He’s actually so funny that he could easily transition to comedy and people would forget all about his basketball-playing days.

Charles Barkley

Former Phoenix Suns great Charles Barkley often ends up being Shaquille O’Neal’s partner in crime when it comes to having a good time analyzing basketball games. Sometimes Barkley can get a little dark in his humor so it would be best if he moved to comedy that he was given a late-night gig. His jokes are sometimes a little from left-field, but we have no doubt that the audience would still find themselves laughing at them, even if they weren’t entirely sure why.

Derek Jeter

Life in MLB for Derek Jeter was pretty much always serious, such was the weight of winning. Now that he’s free from the pressures of playing it seems as though there is a natural comedian living inside of the for former Yankee. We’ve seen him on SNL, and he didn’t look out of place and entertaining seems to be in his blood.

Joel Embiid

If you’re into following sports stars on social media, then you’ve got to check out Joel Embiid, if you don’t already. The 76ers center is ready and willing to troll just about anybody he can think of. He’s proving to be one of the most entertaining current players in the NBA, and his followers are often treated to a new piece of comedy from him regularly. With his skills in writing comedy, perhaps Embiid would be at home as a creator for a sports-related sitcom.

Rob Gronkowski

Some people are just naturally funny, and they don’t need to come up with clever jokes to get people around them laughing. Former New England Patriots tight end was a big hit with fans thanks to his larger than life personality. Gronkowski is just straight-up entertaining and if his own comedy show came calling he’d draw audiences in. He’d bring in just as many people to the audience as he did while playing football for New England.

These athletes know how to entertain a crowd, whether it’s through their athletic feats or making everyone smile at their antics. At least if they didn’t have their careers as sportsmen to fall back on, they could have made serious money through comedy.