Not only Drake – other celebs crazed over sports teams

Drake caused a massive stir during the NBA playoffs as he got up-close-and-personal with some of basketball’s biggest stars. Some thought he took his status as a superfan a little to far, but Drake isn’t the only celebrity who loves sports. These are some of the most passionate sports fans that Hollywood has to offer.

Jack Nicholson – LA Lakers

If you’ve ever been to a Lakers game or watched them on television, there’s a good chance you’ll have spotted Jack Nicholson at courtside. The Hollywood actor is a huge fan of the Los Angeles basketball franchise and barely misses a game if he can help it.

Sometimes Nicholson is actually more entertaining to watch than the Lakers themselves. If the Lakers aren’t playing well at least Nicholson is still box office. For extra entertainment, he’ll often bring other famous faces along with him to the games.

Will Smith – Philadelphia 76ers

Will Smith might live in Hollywood now, but he never forgets where he came from. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air star loves the Philadelphia 76ers and makes sure to catch the games when he can. He loves the team so much he decided to part with some of his hard-earned cash and became a part owner in the Philadelphia team. There’s following a sports team, and then there’s throwing millions of dollars at them to try and make them better.

Bill Murray – Chicago Bulls and Cubs

It was no coincidence that Bill Murray had a cameo role in sports fantasy Space Jam back in 1996. The legendary actor is a huge fan of the Chicago Bulls and Cubs, so when Michael Jordan was representing Chicago in Space Jam, Marry wanted in on the action.

He loves both teams so much there’s almost a guarantee that you’ll see him at as many games as possible during the season. Murray is devoted to both Chicago franchises and even helped former announcer Harry Caray to open up Wrigley Stadium over 30 years ago.

Carrie Underwood – Nashville Predators

Over the last ten years, country singer Carrie Underwood has been spotted watching the Nashville Predators do their thing on the ice. Long before she met and married Predators star Mike Fisher, Underwood was going to the games. Once she became involved with the ice hockey player though he support for the team went to another level, and she has cemented her love for the team.

Paul Rudd – Kansas City Royals

Some actors are superstitious when it comes to their profession, but Paul Rudd has sporting superstitions to go on top of that. The actor moved to Kansas when he was 10 and began supporting the Royals from then on. 30 years later and the actor can’t get enough of the famous baseball team. He even admitted to having an interesting ritual when it comes to watching the Royals games. Rudd wore the same Royals shirt for every game of the season leading up to their World Series victory in 2015.

LeBron James – Liverpool FC

Who said that professional athletes can’t be fans of other sports? LeBron James is a big fan of the English soccer team Liverpool FC, and he likes them so much he made an investment in the team. In 2011 James bought a minority stake in Liverpool FC, spending an alleged $6.5 million for a 2% stake. He has been spotted at Liverpool games and often posts about the team on social media.

Although these stars are incredibly busy being super successful, they still take time out to support their favorite sports teams. Some of them even appear to spend more time supporting their teams than starring on our screen in their own projects.