Can golf really be considered a sport?

The thing about golf is that while it takes a lot of skill, it doesn’t appear to need much athleticism. When did you last see a golfer running around on the course? Players don’t really have to exert themselves very much, so should golf really be considered a sport?

The college system

One place where golf truly is considered a sport is the college system. There are athletic programs for golfers at many of the major colleges all over America for those who show real promise in the game. If you’re good enough, the chance are you’ll have a bunch of schools looking to sign you up to a scholarship. The fact that golfers are treated just like future stars of other sports suggests it is indeed a sport.

It’s just a game

The most people have to exert themselves on the golf course is walking from one shot to the next. Well, that and swinging their clubs a few times. Walking isn’t exactly the most strenuous of activities for most sportspeople, which makes some believe that golf is more of a game than a sport. If you’re running around and sweating, it’s a sport.

There are games like darts or pool that require a lot of skill but not so much physical effort and perhaps golf would be better categorized with them. The definition of a game is something played between two or more people using skill to a defined set of rules. You can kind of make a case that golf falls into that category.

Being physically fit increases your chances

Perhaps golf really is a sport because the fitter a player is, the more likely they are to succeed. Sure they still need plenty of skill, but if two players are equally matched in ability, the fitter is more likely to triumph.

In golf, the skill levels are so high and competitive that sometimes it just comes down to whose body can endure the four-day tournaments. If you look at the elite players in golf nowadays, they are all physically fit, which wasn’t always the case decades ago.

Say goodbye to those calories

One thing that golf does more than some other sports is burning calories. For instance, a golfer can burn a total of 360 calories per hour, while gymnasts have recorded losing 345 calories in an hour. There is some physical exertion in golf but perhaps because it’s such a slow burn people don’t really notice it.

Many golfers find that sending four hours on the course can be physically draining and if you asked them if they thought it was a sport they’re sure to agree.

Practice, practice, practice

To be good at golf, you have to dedicate a lot of time to making sure you get better. That’s the same for most sports, but it’s also true of other activities in life. If you wanted to get really good at chess, you’d have to put in the hours, likewise if you were training to be a computer programmer.

Just because people spend a long time getting good at golf doesn’t make it a sport. People keep score in golf, and there are varying levels of competitions, but the same can be said for quizzing, which isn’t a sport.

For over a hundred years, golf has established itself as one of the world’s favorite past times, but that doesn’t mean it is a sport. Others feel as though it is because it is a physical game on some level and requires years of dedication. Golf is part of the Olympic Games, so perhaps it really should be considered a sport.