Best pro athletes turned analysts

There are a few options available to pro athletes after they finish playing. Some move into coaching or mentoring young talents, while some pick up the microphone and become analysts. Players might have talked a good game during their careers, but it’s totally different being an analyst. You have to speak to inform the audience about the plays, and these are the best pro athletes to give being an analyst a go.

Charles Barkley – Basketball

During the ’90s Charles Barkley was one of the standout players in the NBA and has become a fan-favorite since he stopped playing. While he is able to give an insight into how the players make their decisions, that’s not why fans love Barkley. It’s his character and constant source of funny moments that keeps basketball fans tuning in. Although he is often the funny guy, anytime he does get serious gives fans a real look inside the mind of a top-level basketball player.

Tony Romo – Football

Tony Romo would probably be one of the first to admit that his football career could have been better. The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback was never able to make his talent count and bring home a Super Bowl for his team. He still needed to have a great understanding of the game to run the plays as the Cowboy’s QB for over a decade.

That insight never left him, and since moving to the analyst’s table, Romo has become some kind of Oracle. He breaks down the plays like no other analyst has done before and can call what’s about to happen in a game just by the way the players are lined up.

Chris Evert – Tennis

Tennis is a sport that many can watch, but few really understand what’s happening in the mind of top-level players. Chris Evert is one of the greatest ever tennis players, having won a total of 18 Grand Slam singles titles. It’s fair to say she knows a thing or two about what it takes to win a tennis tournament and she shares her knowledge with the fans at home. She provides the commentary for ESPN on all Grand Slam tennis tournaments and as well as great insight she provides stimulating conversation among the other analysts.

Nick Faldo – Golf

Golf is not the most exciting sport in the world, even those who play it would probably concede that. What helps when watching a live broadcast is if the analyst can keep viewers engaged with what’s going on. One man doing just that, and providing witty banter at the same time, is Nick Faldo.

The British golfing great has been a part of CBS’ commentary team for over a decade now and has become a fan-favorite. Faldo won a total of six major golfing tournaments so is well placed to give knowledgeable tips to fans watching on at home.

These ex-professional athletes have given up entertaining fans doing what they love and moved to the analyst’s booth. Thankfully they are still entertaining fans, but they are also enlightening us all with their knowledge at the same time.