Everything you wanted to know about Cristiano Ronaldo’s workout regime

Cristian Ronaldo is one of the world’s most recognizable soccer stars and is widely regarded as one of the best ever. He is one of the fittest soccer players on the planet, and age doesn’t seem to be slowing him down at all. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner is still in peak physical condition and here’s his insane workout regime that keeps him that way.


Soccer players need to have strong legs to help them maintain balance while striking the ball with as much power as possible. Ronaldo has some of the most muscular legs in the sport, and one way he maintains such an impressive physique is through squatting. To really amp up the pressure, Ronaldo will go with resistance bands that force his body to do extra work when it comes to exercise.

Nordic curls

A hamstring injury is one of the most common for soccer players. They are constantly running, sprinting, jumping, and kicking so the hamstring takes a lot of punishment. Ronaldo’s body is so finely tuned that he rarely picks up major injuries, meaning he is always available for his coaches to put him on the field.

Nordic curls are a favorite of the Portuguese striker, and this is how you do them. Grab a partner and then kneel on the ground, while getting your buddy to hold your feet. Now you’ll want to begin leaning forward as far as you can, working both your hamstrings and your core muscles at the same time.

When you feel as though you can’t hold it any longer, then allow yourself to fall to the ground. Push yourself off the ground using your arms until you can feel the tension once again, then let your body do the hard work in bringing you upright.

Ball plank

Ronaldo isn’t shy in taking his shirt off to show spectators how hard he works in the gym. He didn’t get those washboard abs accidentally, and one of the best exercises to maintain them is the ball plank. This is where you begin in a plank position with a ball beside your feet on the ground. Then you slowly bring one foot after the other onto the ball while maintaining your plank. Finally, if you’re feeling strong you can raise one foot off the ball and give your core the ultimate workout.

T Drill

One of the reasons why Ronaldo is so devastating on the soccer field is because of his explosive speed and power. An exercise he uses to ensure his speed doesn’t leave him is called the T-Drill. You’ll need to be on the soccer field to do this one, but it’s worth it.

Place one ball on the penalty spot, another on the edge of the box in line with the first one, and then two at either side, where the D meets the box. This forms a T. The way to do the drill is to begin at the penalty spot, sprint to the first ball then back to the spot. Keep sprinting as you take a left and touch the ball on the edge of the D before running as fast as you can to the other end of the D.

Finally, it’s time to run back to the penalty spot by taking a trip around the ball in the middle of the D. Ronaldo times himself doing this exercise and the faster you can do it the better. It’s all about putting in maximum effort to get the most out of the exercise so really push yourself on this one.

Lunges and swimming

It will surprise many to learn that many of Ronaldo’s exercises are very simple. He does plenty of lunges because it also strengthens his legs and core, but are also an important step in reducing the risk of injury.

He’ll push himself in the swimming pool too as it’s a lower impact, but it’s great for making sure his cardio doesn’t fail him late in games. It’s no shock that many of the goals Ronaldo scores is at the end of games.


Ronaldo makes sure he looks after his diet, and he tries to avoid sugary foods at all costs. Instead, he favors a high protein diet with plenty of whole grain carbs. The soccer star aims to eat around six small meals per day to ensure his body is always ready to push itself to the limit.

Some favored meals of Ronaldo’s include fish, fruit, and vegetables. The star also makes a point of staying hydrated, and he never touches any drinks stronger than water. For Ronaldo it’s all about discipline, both in the exercises he’ll choose to do and the fuel he puts into his body.

The most impressive thing about Ronaldo’s fitness regime is how simple he keeps things. The soccer star focuses on doing the basics right while keeping disciplined when it comes to his diet. All of that allows him to be explosive on the soccer field from the first whistle to the very last.