How to make sure that your workout clothes don’t smell

There’s nothing worse than hitting the gym, starting to sweat, and then smelling something really bad. Is that you? But you just washed these clothes! Why are the smelling?! It’s a common problem that many of us fitness fanatics face, stinky workout clothes. The particular fabric used for most workout clothes may be great for keeping you cool, but it’s also great for harboring bacteria. This then leads to a funny smell, that doesn’t seem to go no matter how often you wash your clothes. Luckily, there are some ways you can stop your workout clothes from smelling.

The wet heap

Hands up if you leave your gym clothes in a wet heap once you’ve finished working out? We’re all a little bit guilty of this, and it’s creating some pretty gross stenches. Bacteria loves dark, damp places, so by leaving your workout clothes in a wet pile, you’re giving them their favorite breeding place. This will then lead to that slightly damp smell, even when you’ve washed them. As soon as you get back from the gym, make it a habit to put your workout clothes straight in the washing machine.

Inside out

When you workout, sweat, sebum and dead skin will all build up on the inside of your workout clothes. However, we then wash our clothes the other way around. This means that the washing machine can’t quite get to all of the buildups of dirt, dead skin and sweat, leaving it smelling a bit pongy. By washing your clothes inside out you’re allowing the water and detergent to really get to the dirt, which can stop your workout clothes from smelling in the long run.

Eliminate odors

Another option to prevent that musty smell is to wash your workout clothes in something specifically designed to eliminate odors. You can buy a whole host of products that will help you do this, but there are also plenty of things you may find in your cupboards at home. White vinegar is the kind of product most of us have in our kitchen cupboards, and it’s the perfect natural remedy for eliminating odors. If you pour around half a cup in the fabric conditioner part of your washing machine, then it will be added to the rinse cycle, after the detergent has done its job. You can also use Borax which has the added benefit of whitening up any lighter workout clothes too!

Skip the dryer

Are you putting your workout clothes in the dryer? If so, this could be contributing to that horrid smell. Heat can make odors a lot worse, not to mentioning ruining your workout gear in the long run. If you can hang your clothes outside to dry, then this is the perfect way to prevent bad smells. Air drying inside will also work, just make sure your clothes are getting enough of a breeze so that they don’t stay damp for too long.

The next time you’re worried about stinking out the gym with your workout clothes, consider using some of these handy tips and tricks instead. Your gym gear will always smell fresh and clean, no matter how many Hot Yoga classes you attend!