Healthy foods that are not so healthy

We live in a world where there it seems as though there is a new health food craze every day. From kale to turmeric, goji berries to coconut oil, there are a vast number of different options available with an eagerly anticipating market waiting for them. So just how healthy are these supposed health foods, really?

Vegetable chips

A bag of veggie chips sounds like a much healthier alternative to a bag of potato chips, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, veggie chips aren’t the same as eating vegetables themselves. They are often deep-fried to make them crips which means they lose a lot of their goodness in the process. These chips are also usually covered in salt for taste meaning they are, in fact, just as bad for you as regular chips.


While the adverts tell you they are packed with every kind of biotic imaginable, unless you opt for completely plain Greek yogurt then you should be avoiding them altogether. Many artificially made yogurts are jammed full of sugary flavors meaning they are a lot more fattening for you than you are led to believe, as well as increasing your blood pressure. Some even contain a lot of artificial colors too – something you want to stay away from in your diet!

Acai bowls

On paper, a bowl packed with fruit seems like the healthiest thing. However, a lot of these dishes usually contain frozen yogurt which is known to be unhealthy anyway, before ramming in too much sugar and too many calories for one meal. While they may look appealing on Instagram, this is the best place for this craze to remain.


In the last few years popcorn has been a popular choice for dieters as the snack has little calories as well as being filling. However, the popcorn on sale at supermarkets isn’t what you should be looking for as it’s full of salt and trans fat which unfortunately makes it an unhealthy alternative. Try making your own if you want to take advantage of this healthy snack instead.

Bottled smoothies

Fruit in a bottle, what a great way to get part of your five a day! At least, that is how it seems from the outside. Unfortunately these drinks often have a lack of the fruits natural fiber as it is removed in the making process. Companies also often add a ton of sugar to help encourage people to drink them. If you’re after a fruity drink, blending your own at home is a lot healthier option to go for instead.


Granola, particularly granola bars, isn’t the health food we once thought. Many granola brands at local stores actually have a super high fat and calorie content, as well as being loaded with sugar. Granola bars are no better either. They are typically made with honey, chocolate, or anything else sweet to hold them together and give them taste. This all leads to too much sugar consumption meaning they are best left out of the cupboard.

Low-fat peanut butter

While you’d like to think you’re safe with a low-fat version, the companies often make up for a lack of fat by adding in excess sugar and salt. In fact, it is the fat in peanut butter that is good for us, so by removing it; you’re missing out on the good bit.

Sadly, not everything we are sold is truthful. Companies often use fancy packaging and customer reviews to push their products onto us without giving the whole story. Just make sure to check the nutrition labels of the foods you’re buying to make sure you aren’t being conned into yet another health scam.