The most dominant individual performances in pro sport history

Sometimes in sports, you just have to hold your hands up and admit someone else was better. Over the years there have been some outstanding individual performances by athletes that have made people stand up and applaud. These are the most dominant individual performances in pro sports history.

Usain Bolt – A dominant blur

We could have pretty much any of the Jamaican sprinter’s performances, but the one time he really stood out was at the 2009 World Championships. Bolt broke his own world record in the 100m and 200m races that year in Berlin as he left everyone behind him eating his dust.

The 100m record stood for 16 years before Bolt smashed it, but the fact he went out and broke the 200m record in the same championships is amazing. There has never been a more dominant display of someone’s running ability that Bolt at those World Championships, and there might never be again.

Tiger Woods – Major dominance

When Tiger Woods first burst onto the scene during the 1990s, it looked as though all of golf’s records would be under threat from this dominant young man. He raced through major championships after major championships, and soon the all-time record was in his sights. Woods then suffered a string of injuries that have put him agonizingly close, but not yet on top of the pile.

In 2000 his body was still in great shape, and Woods managed to win the U.S. Open by a total of 15 strokes. Nobody on the course that tournament could get close to Woods. The amazing thing was that Woods had done this before and won the 197 Masters by 12 shots. Woods also was the first player to score more than double digits under par at that tournament, impressively finishing 12 under.

Michael Phelps – Aqua dominance

It wouldn’t surprise us if someone did a DNA test on Michael Phelps and discovered that he was part fish. The man was practically unstoppable in the water and in 2008 he proved it. Winning one gold medal is a lifetime achievement for most Olympic athletes, but Phelps had his sights set a little bit higher than that.

He knew he was fast in the water and had a realistic chance of bringing home eight gold medals from the Beijing Games in 2008. Phelps didn’t do this in his dreams though, he actually jumped into the pool and won gold in eight different disciplines. Not only did Phelps take the record haul of gold medals, but he broke seven world records in the process.

Wilt Chamberlain – A dominant centurion

Before Wilt Chamberlain, no one had ever scored 100 points in a basketball game. Since Chamberlain broke the century barrier in 1962, no one else has ever even come close. Kobe Bryant is the closest with 81 points, but Chamberlain’s performance that day was legendary. He was so dominant there was not a single person in the arena that could stop him.

These are some of the most dominant individual performances ever witnessed by pro athletes. They really showed their competitors who was boss and put in such amazing displays of dominance that people won’t forget.