The most iconic NBA team logos of all time

NBA teams have to do more than impress people on the court. Franchises now are all about selling merchandise with their logo emblazoned upon them, and the more stuff sold the more teams can spend. These logos have always stood out from the rest and are the most iconic logos of all time.

Chicago Bulls (present)

When the Chicago Bulls were created in 1966, the logo they used was a snarling bull, and over 50 years later that’s still their logo. This is definitely a case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ as the Bulls have been sporting this classic logo ever since they became a franchise. It doesn’t get more iconic for the Bulls as this logo is the only one anyone has ever known them to have.

Golden State Warriors (present)

Whoever designed the current Golden State Warriors logo really knew what they were doing. Everything about the logo is clean, from the lines of the bridge to the bold text. In the future, when people remember the iconic Warriors side that dominated on the court in the 2010s, this logo will stand out as much as their victories. Most teams keep their logo relatively small on their jerseys, but the Warriors’ is so good that they have a giant version of it dominating theirs.

Toronto Raptors (1995 – 2008)

We don’t really understand why the Raptors ever went away from their logo design from 1995 to 2008. They had a fearsome looking cartoon velociraptor that cashed in on the world’s love of dinosaurs thanks to Jurassic Park. The Raptors dared to be bold back in the ‘90s, and it paid off. It’s just a shame that their iconic logo didn’t stick around for longer as it is one of the best ever to grace the NBA.

Charlotte Hornets (present)

The Charlotte Hornets might have disappeared for a little while from the NBA, but they are back with a sting in their tail. Originally they had a cute hornet on their logo, but that has been changed to a fearsome design with a symmetrical look. The purple and teal are a great combination while the angles of the stinger and wings really draw your eyes to this logo.

Denver Nuggets (1981 – 1993)

Everything about the Denver Nuggets logo from 1981 to 1993 was amazing. They had the Denver skyline with the combination of mountains and skyscrapers, plus the color scheme was amazing. It was a mosaic of colors that represented the rainbow, and it is something that everyone who wore it could wear with pride. The logo is so ‘80s it hurts.

Atlanta Hawks (present)

The Atlanta Hawks’ logo stands out as one of the greatest of all time. Red and white are a classic combination that just work and the side-on profile of the hawk makes it look very intimidating. Even though it seems a bit like a soccer badge, fans in Atlanta are very fortunate to have their team represented by such a good logo.

These logos will stand the test of time and be forever remembered as the best logos ever to find their way onto an NBA teams’ jersey.