Tom Brady’s tips for success

Even those with a limited interest in football will still be aware of who Tom Brady is. The greatest and most successful quarterback in NFL history has already cemented his legend and his legacy. At the ripe old age of 40, Tom is still producing the goods for New England Patriots and continues to be one of the leading lights of the NFL.

But, Brady’s legend is such that he has become an icon outside of the sport as much as he is on the gridiron. Due to his marriage to model Gisele Bundchen, and his cameos in movies like Ted 2, Brady’s public persona has grown over the past decade. The five-time Super Bowl champion is one of the most decorated and revered athletes of all time, and he has not been shy about sharing his tips for success.

Don’t focus on the negative

It’s really easy to focus on the negative aspects of your life and career, but you should avoid doing this. “Don’t make excuses for why things don’t go your way,” says Brady, and he should know. In the NFL Draft, he was picked #199, with 6 other quarterbacks chosen before him. This has given Brady a chip on his shoulder and encouraged his relentless pursuit of success to prove the doubters wrong. He didn’t make excuses, and he didn’t focus on the negative – he put on his pads, and he got on with it. So far, he’s absolutely nailing it.

Always look for ways to improve

Being a professional athlete is a very short career span, and this is why it’s important for athletes to reassess their career paths. It’s actually something all of us could benefit from doing in our own lives. Brady has talked about how he continually has to reevaluate his career and the way he approaches the game in order to be able to compete. At his age, most players have retired and are doing other things, and this is always going to be a factor in the back of his mind.

Focus on your weaknesses, not your strengths

Most people think you should take what you are good at, and work on improving it, Tom Brady disagrees. Mr. NFL instead thinks it is imperative to concentrate on your weaknesses and look at ways of turning them into strengths. Brady has talked about his desire to play until his mid-’40s, and that can only be achieved if he chooses to “Target and improve on my deficiencies.” Focus on what doesn’t come naturally to you, and do what you can to make it better.

Attitude is key

One of the most important aspects of your life that you can control is your attitude. You need to approach things with a positive outlook and make sure you do as much as you can to improve your mentality. It’s very easy to become defeatist about things and struggle to bounce back in terms of your mental approach to life. “I achieve nothing by becoming frustrated or embittered,” writes Brady, and these are wise words for all of us to adhere to.

If there’s one guy out there who knows about success and how to achieve it, it’s Tom Brady. As arguably the greatest football player of all-time, this beloved figure is at the forefront of everything that is great about the game. But, his winning personality has made him a popular and respected figure outside of the game as well. When Tom Brady speaks, everyone wants to listen, and you should too!