How to get back on track after taking a break from fitness

Working out is hard to do, and often people end up quitting before they make it a habit. There are tons of people who make it their New Year’s resolution to workout more and get back in shape, but after a few weeks or months they give up. If that sounds familiar and you’re struggling to get back into fitness after a break then we have some tips for you. This guide will help you get back to working out in no time.

Get planning

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to come up with some kind of plan and goal for your workouts. Maybe you’ve been injured for a while and fitness hasn’t been an option for you, or perhaps your schedule stopped you from getting to the gym for a while. Whatever the reason for skipping the gym, make sure to give yourself a purpose when getting back into fitness. Having something to aim for will help you stick to your task and not quit before you begin to feel the benefits of regular exercise.

Start small

When you have had an extended break from fitness, the first thing you’re going to need to do is to begin small. You won’t immediately be able to do all of the same exercises you could before you quit, so don’t start by thinking you can. All that will lead to is injury, which can impact your job, or you’ll instantly become demotivated. Take baby steps toward your fitness routine otherwise you’ll only suffer a setback which can stop you from going to the gym all over again.

Eat right

One of the most important things people often neglect is eating right. If your fitness goal is to lose weight, it can be easy to reward yourself with some unhealthy snacks for going to the gym. That kind of treat can actually halt your progress as your body doesn’t get the fuel it needs to recover.

You also need to make sure the right foods are going into your body before your workouts as you’ll want to fuel it properly. If you take your car out you need it to be filled with the right gas, otherwise it’s going to be a struggle to go anywhere, and your body acts just the same.

Small goals

The best way to keep yourself motivated to continue working out is to make achievable goals. Instead of aiming to lift weights twice as heavy in the space of a few weeks, slowly increase the amount you lift per week. That small but steady increase will see you getting results regularly.

Make sure to write down your progress and then you can follow your fitness journey. This is when you’ll see just how far you’ve come and it will be the encouragement you need to keep going when you get the urge to quit.

It can be tough to get back into the swing of working out, but by following these tips, you can make sure you get back on track.