The best TRX exercises that will help you lose weight

Losing weight can be a big struggle for a lot of people, and it’s one of the things we work toward the most when we’re working out. Weight loss is definitely the best way of building a toned body and improving your self-confidence, so you need to work on losing it as best you can. Now, going to the gym and pumping iron is a wonderful way of losing weight, but you could also use TRX exercises as well.

Based on the Navy SEALS suspension training, TRX is all about bodyweight exercises, used to develop strength, durability, flexibility, and balance. There are so many wonderfully intense exercises you can do here that will help you to lose weight and get more in shape. So, what are some of the best TRX suspension exercises that will help you to lose weight? We thought we’d come up with a list of some of the best ones:

TRX jump squats

Now, this is one that will definitely lose you weight and help to keep you in shape as much as possible. There are a lot of different exercises you can do, but this is one that will require plenty of strength and stamina in order to fulfill. This one will bring you a lot of pain, but also, some of the best gains as well! This gets your heart rate going like the clappers, and works out your legs and glutes, the largest muscles in the body – so it’s an essential exercise to follow.

Bicep curls

The great thing about resistance training is that you can use it for anything. There are so many different aspects involved in the resistance training, and those ropes are your friend – treat them as such. So, another of the awesome exercises you can do with these that will help you lose weight it bicep curls. You might think that these only apply to your arms, but, in actual fact, you are using your entire body to help you achieve this. The bicep curl here, using resistance rope, is much more thorough an intensive than using weights.

Atomic pushup

We all know that pushups are a massively important part of the workout experience and one of the best ways of keeping your body strong and healthy. This is why it’s crucial to make pushups a big part of the exercise regime you follow. TRX resistance training allows you to perform what are known as Atomic Pushups! These look very cool and suitably hardcore, and we are willing to bet they do a great job when it comes to helping you lose weight, trim fat, and build up that body properly.

TRX chest press

A chest press in and of itself is important, but a chest press with TRX resistance training is absolutely crucial when it comes to losing weight and burning fat. You need to try to keep your core tight and keep your body in a straight line in order to get the best possible outcome from your chest press. Try to add a few of these to your regime, and you will be burning off that fat in no time at all!

TRX training is pretty intense, we’re not going to lie to you. It is one of the best ways of starting to lose weight and shed the pounds, but you’re going to need to be dedicated and determined. This is going to be hard work, and it will hurt when you first start, but you need to battle through this and do what you can to undertake this training as best you can.