5 push-up variations you need to work into your fitness routine

Sometimes when it comes to exercise, you can’t beat the old classics. Sure there are new fad workouts that you see people doing in the gym pretty often, but there are some exercises that have stood the test of time. One of those is the humble push-up that requires nothing more than enough room for you to lie down and some arms. These are five of the best push-up variations you need in your fitness routine to keep things interesting.

Dive bomber push-up

This routine is called the dive bomber because you start out almost in the yoga pose downward facing dog, with your behind in the air. Then you rotate your hips backward and down to bring yourself into a position to stretch your abs. This workout is great for strengthening your shoulders as most of your weight is supported in this area. Once you’re in position to stretch your abs, you then lift your body once more to return to the starting position.

Wide push-up

If you feel as though your chest isn’t getting enough attention from your workout, then try the wide push-up. This exercise specifically targets your chest and pecs. You need to keep your hands wide to make sure you are doing it correctly.

It is an easy position to get into as all you’ll need to do is get into a normal push-up and then slide your hands out wide. The wider you get, the more you’re going to feel the burn so adjust to how much you’re willing to hurt the next day.

Elevated push-up

The elevated push-up is a good way to get into this exercise if you find doing a regular one difficult. You can build up the muscles to eventually ramp up the difficulty, and it all starts with the elevated push-up. All you need is something sturdy to lean on that is higher than the ground. Then just get into a push-up position but from higher up. It is easier to do but will still help you to develop the parts of your body that it uses.

Decline push-up

Once you’ve mastered the push-up, it’s time to make things more difficult. Now, instead of elevating the front of your body, you find a platform to put your feet onto. This also helps to work your shoulders while still giving your chest a good workout.

Diamond push-ups

The diamond push-up is perfect for working your triceps, and few exercises work them harder than this. To get into position get into a regular push-up and then slide your hands together to form a diamond with your thumbs and fingers. Bring yourself down and push yourself back up, that’s all it takes. To work different parts of your body, you can move your hands further forward or underneath your body.

People often neglect the classic exercise that is the push-up. It comes in many different forms and is perfect for working your upper body, plus they can be done from the comfort of your own home.