The stories behind your favorite franchise logos

Many of us have a favorite team in at least one sport, and we follow their ups and downs throughout the season. Every team needs a logo to make them stand out from the rest, and some do better jobs than others. On the face of things some logos seem pretty simplistic, but thanks to some design genius, there are hidden meanings right in front of our eyes. These are the stories behind your favorite franchise logos.

Atlanta Falcons

Alright, let’s start with an easy one. The Atlanta Falcons football franchise an instantly recognizable logo, as it’s one big falcon. If you look a little closer, the entire logo is actually designed, so the falcon is formed in the shape of an ‘F.’ It might seem pretty obvious once you know it’s there, but it’s a little piece of design that makes the logo a favorite of Falcons fans across the country.

Edmonton Oilers

The best thing about a perfectly designed logo is that once you know the story behind it, then you’ll never forget it. One NHL logo that seems to have stood the test of time is the Edmonton Oilers logo, and it hasn’t really changed all that much since the ’70s.

Sure the team moved from Alberta to Edmonton, but the logo remained the same. Have you ever wondered why the letters that spell ‘OILERS’ seems to be dripping to the bottom of the logo? It’s simple; they’re dripping because they’re resembling oil.

Minnesota Twins

Before the current logo, the Minnesota Twins used to have the phrase “Win! Twins!” emblazoned across it. Their logo changed in 1987, but the phrase remains if you know what you’re looking for. The word “win” was underlined in Twins with the hope that it will inspire their players to perform on the ballpark. After winning the World Series in 1987 and 1991, the Twins have spent almost 30 years chasing another one.

Minnesota Timberwolves

If you want a logo that’s packed full of hidden meaning, then check out the Minnesota Timberwolves’ most recent design. The howling wolf is meant to resemble the new start that franchise was hoping for, and it’s meant to symbolize togetherness through fierce spirit.

The star above the wolf’s eye is there as a nod to the North Star, which is something the city hangs its hat on. It was no accident that the North Star is green, as it symbolizes the Northern Lights that can often be seen from Minnesota. The other hints of green are there as a reminder of the plant life and parks that fill the state.

Arizona Diamondbacks alternate logo

Being named after a snake means the Arizona Diamondbacks had to get a reference to some kind of serpent in their logo. The main logo has the head of a snake placed on a triangle, which comes together to form the A of Arizona, but the alternate logo is our favorite.

There is still the shape of a snake’s head, but its made by placing a lowercase D and B together. The forked tongue of the snake even manages to be in the shape of an A, getting in the Arizona reference. Very smart.

Kansas City Chiefs

At first glance, it can look as though the Kansas City Chiefs logo is meant to be the outline of the state of Missouri, but it’s not. Those who are familiar with the state lines of Missouri know that right away, and the logo is actually designed in the shape of an arrowhead.

The logo before this one was a Native American running with a pigskin with a tomahawk in his other hand. This arrowhead is a tribute to the old logo while modernizing it, even if it has remained unchanged since 1972 and was designed on a napkin.

Portland Trail Blazers

When you look at the Portland Trail Blazers without any knowledge of what’s going on, it just looks like a cool design. Sometimes there doesn’t need to be any hidden meaning behind something if it looks great.

If you dig a little deeper, you’ll learn that the ‘pinwheel’ in the logo actually does have a significant meaning to the basketball franchise. The design is an interpretation of two five-a-side basketball teams facing off against each other.

Anaheim Ducks

The old Anaheim Ducks logo is one of the most memorable in all of hockey, as it featured a hockey mask that would fit a duck. These days their logo is more subtle than that, and you’d be forgiven for being a little confused about what you’re looking at. The logo is actually in the shape of a D, but it is also the webbed foot of a duck. It’s pretty clever once you see it and it’s a logo the Ducks have been using since 2014.

Behind every great logo there is a great story, and often there is more to them than meets the eye. These are some of the most popular logos from sports franchises, and how they ended up looking like they did.