NBA players who played for the most teams

Some NBA players want to make their mark on one team in the league and create history by leading them to championship glory. Other players bounce around franchises either desperately searching for a team to earn a championship ring or just to get regular game time. Not every player does a Kobe and stays with one team, and these are the players who moved around a lot during their playing careers.

Chucky Brown – 12

Chucky Brown was an important player to pretty much every team he was traded to, but for some reason, he never truly found a place he could call home. The forward started out with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1989 before registering seasons with teams like the Rockets, Suns, Warriors, and Kings. He played for a total of 12 franchises in 13 years.

Despite the fact he played for so many teams, Brown did win a championship ring in 1995 with the Rockets after playing a big role in their season. Brown’s final season in the NBA came with the Kings, where he averaged just five minutes per game and 1.2 points.

Jim Jackson – 12

Jim Jackson was a big star with the Dallas Mavericks when he first signed with them in 1993. He seemed destined to be a major part of the NBA for years, but after his time in Dallas, he struggled to settle anywhere. Jackson traveled all over the country playing for franchises like the Net, Heat, Suns, and Lakers.

Despite playing for a bunch of different franchises, Jackson was unable to achieve what so many players set out to gain in their careers, a championship ring. At times Jackson was a key player for the franchises he played for, but as his career began to reach its end he was less and less of a presence on the court.

Tony Massenburg – 12

From 1991 to 2005 Tony Massenburg played for a total of 12 different NBA franchises beginning with the San Antonio Spurs. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the power forward also played two years playing in Spain early in his career. He was never really considered a starter anywhere he played, which is why he jumped around so much.

Over his career, Massenburg averaged 18.0 minutes per game with 4.3 rebounds and 6.2 points. Massenburg does have the honor of being called an NBA champion after returning to the Spurs in 2005 as they won in the NBA Finals.

Joe Smith – 12

Joe Smith was the number one overall pick by the Warriors in 1995, and few could have predicted he would hit the road so often. Smith had a strong college game, and he was selected in the All-rookie team of the season in 1996. His three best seasons game with the Warriors but after three years he was sent to the 76ers.

Smith tried his luck with teams like the Bulls, Lakers, Nets, and Thunder, but just couldn’t find anywhere that wanted him to stick around. After his initial five or six seasons, Smith’s attacking threat had left him and no matter which franchise he played for he couldn’t get it back.

At least these players got to experience a lot of America on their travels. They all played for so many franchises they probably lost count, but we were counting. They all played for 12 franchises although some were more successful at bouncing between franchises than others.