Why we love Luka Doncic so much

Luca Doncic is doing things we’ve never seen before. Never in the history of the NBA has a player his age achieved so much in such short order. His demeanor on and off the court are truly incredible considering his young age.

The Luca Doncic era in Dallas officially began last season. It all started when Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made a strong move to acquire the European phenomenon from the grasp of the Atlanta Hawks in the top of the 2018 NBA Draft. That move is already paying dividends for a team that was forced to move on from long-time franchise star Dirk Nowitzki.

In just his second year in the league, Doncic has carried the Mavericks from a non-competitive team who missed the playoffs, to the top half of the ultra-competitive Western Conference. He has managed to take down some of the giants the NBA has to offer, infusing confidence to a team that lacked any direction no so long ago. This confidence was clearly portrayed in a highly impressive road victory that snapped the Milwaukee Bucks’ 18-game winning streak.

Doncic has already opened people’s eyes. He seems to relish the opportunity to play against the greatest players in the world. He is going toe to toe with LeBron James, whom he idolized since he was a little boy.

Doncic is reaching heights never seen before at such a young age. So far in his second season, he is nearing triple-double averages, which is truly an astounding feat. Scoring 29.3 points per game is impressive in its own right for any player, let alone a 20 year old who is adjusting to both a new culture and to life in the NBA. But his contributions to the game go far beyond just his scoring prowess. He is hitting the boards with aggression, averaging 9.6 rebounds per game, and he is able to get his teammates involved, evident by his 8.9 assists per night.

As he improves his overall game, the Slovenian superstar could become the greatest show in the NBA in short order. We could be witnessing the beginning of something truly spectacular. It’s always fun for fans to see something new and different. Something that has never been seen before. To watch a young kid come in and take on the league without fear is awesome for all basketball fans.

Of course, Doncic still has a lot to achieve before we place him in the conversation of the some of the greatest players in the NBA. He has yet to even play in the postseason. But it is undeniable that no other player has ever been this dominant so early in his career. Not LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or anyone else for that matter has made such a strong impact so quickly. And that’s quite an accomplishment.

Perhaps the reason for his success is that he is clearly having fun while playing. He’s not succumbing to the pressure of the grandest stage in basketball. In fact, he is simply being himself, always smiling and just enjoying the moment.

Doncic is surely the future of basketball in Dallas. But will he become the face of the NBA? Only time will tell just how far this kid can go. And if he can make some noise in the playoffs, the world will take notice that a new superstar has taken his place in the NBA.