Greatest sports photos of all time

Sport is filled with great moments throughout history, and thankfully some of the best photographers in the world were on hand to capture them. We’ve given ourselves the difficult task of picking just a few of the best, and here they are; the greatest sports photos of all time.

Muhammad Ali looms over Sonny Liston

When you’re considered one of the greatest athletes of all time, you know you did something right. Muhammad Ali was not just a mouthpiece, he could back his words up. While battling Sonny Liston in the ring, Ali managed to knock him to the canvas and stand over his fallen foe in triumph. If you like to box, you’ve seen this picture in every gym you’ve ever been to.

Joe Montana at Super Bowl XXIII

Joe Montana is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time thanks to this game. His San Francisco 49ers were down and almost out, but he almost single-handedly marched them to victory against the Bengals. This moment at the Super Bowl perfectly captures the determination of everyone on the 49ers roster that day as they literally had to dig themselves out of a muddy hole.

Juan Marichal’s high leg

One of the most feared pitchers in MLB history is Juan Marichal who had a distinctive style of throwing the ball. He is known for his super high leg while winding up to throw the ball as it serves as both a distraction and leverage for more power. His picture was taken in 1965 during spring training with his foot just as high as his head.

Kerri Strug grins and bears it

If ever there was a symbol of never giving up, then gymnast Kerri Strug is the embodiment of that. At the 1996 Olympics, she badly injured her ankle, but that wasn’t going to stop her going out and performing to her best. USA’s gold medal hopes were pinned on the injured Strug, but she sucked it up and performed one of the best jumps ever seen on the vault to take first.

Air Jordan

Michael Jordan is considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time, and it was leaps like the one at the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest that proved it. He wasn’t known as ‘Air Jordan’ for nothing, and the Bulls legend could leap from practically anywhere and still make it to the basket. His duel with Wilkins at the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest is considered one of the greatest ever thanks to the gravity-defying leaps both men achieved that day.

Wayne Gretzky bows out

In New York on April 18, 1999, hockey said goodbye to it’s shining light. Wayne Gretzky is arguably the greatest ever hockey player and the image of him alone on the ice waving goodbye to the crowd was a fitting goodbye for the legend.

These are the sporting moments that have gone down in history, and the photographers have managed to capture the drama of the events in a single image. They are our greatest sports photos of all time.