The best three point shooters of all time

Three points are definitely better than two. Coaches would probably prefer if players could only shoot threes if they did so with incredible accuracy. The game isn’t that simple though, and it often takes a specialist to be the one who racks up the points from deep. These are the best sharpshooters the NBA has ever seen.

Stephen Curry

Steph Curry is pretty much the poster boy for three-point shooting in the NBA today. He is already third on the list of three-point shots made of all time, and he’s still got plenty of time left in his career. Curry has led the three-point revolution in basketball and helped his Warriors team to five NBA finals in a row. When he finally hangs up his sneakers for the last time, Curry will probably be regarded as the best three-point shooter of all time.

Klay Thompson

When Klay Thompson became a force on the Warriors team alongside Curry teams knew there wasn’t just one threat from deep, but two. Thompson is shooting threes with a success rate of over 40 percent in seven seasons, which suggests his long-range game isn’t disappearing any time soon.

In working alongside Curry, the Warriors are a major threat to just about everyone on the court from everywhere. It makes guarding their players impossible, and that’s thanks to Thompson practically matching Curry’s impact on the court.

Steve Kerr

The most accurate three-point shooter of all time is Steve Kerr, who tops the table with a shooting percentage of 45.4 from beyond the arc. It’s no surprise that this deadly sniper has led one of the most devastating teams in the history of the NBA while relying heavily on shooting from deep.

Reggie Miller

When Reggie Miller called it a day on the court, he had the most career three-pointers of any player with 2560. Miller could be relied upon to score important threes for the Indiana Pacers at important moments in games and the season.

He seemed to have ice in his veins, and there was never really any thoughts that he was going to miss from deep. For his skills from behind the three-point line, Miller earned a spot in the Hall of Fame, and his reliance on scoring threes helped change the mentality in the NBA.

Ray Allen

Ray Allen is the man who has more career three-point shots made in the regular season than any other player. His tally of 2973 is so far ahead of everyone else it will be years before anyone catches him, if they ever do. Watching Allen shoot jumpers was like poetry in motion, and he was a huge part of the Heat team that won the championship in 2013.

The worst thing for opposing teams when facing up against Allen was that they knew there wasn’t a way to stop him. He was persistent and threw a lot of threes, but he was also accurate, which made him deadly from deep.

Peja Stojakovic

Peja Stojakovic averaged 2.2 three-pointers per game and made a total of 1760 in his career. He won two three-point contests back to back in 2002 and 2003 before leading the league in three points made for the 2003-2004 season. His time with the Kings made him an unstoppable force from deep and an NBA champion in 2011 with the Mavericks.

These players have shown time and time again just how good they are at shooting from deep. Their accuracy from beyond the arc has made them legendary shooters who were feared by all guards anytime they got into the offensive half of the court.