The exercise plan that makes Mike Trout a superstar

Mike Trout is one of baseball’s biggest stars and to match his standing in the sport he has been given the largest ever contract for an athlete. He is physically one of the most impressive players in MLB, and while good genetics play their part, it’s the work he does in the gym that makes the difference. His workout regime plus diet make him a physical specimen, and this is his secret.

Trout’s game

There is so much power in Trout’s game it almost seems unfair. Not only is he a prolific scorer but he is a huge asset when it’s his turn to field. Trout has one of the best vertical leaps in baseball, and he makes jumping look easy. That ability to pounce has prevented the Angels from conceding home runs that most other fielders would have given up on.

Trout sits at the top of many metric systems, has won the MVP award twice already, and he’s a once-in-a-generation player. His hitting is super impressive, but he’ll go out and steal some bases if he needs to. The seven-time All-Star knows how to get the job done, encouraging the Angels to hand him a $426,500,000 contract over the next 12 years. So what’s his secret?


Just because a season is over doesn’t mean Mike Trout isn’t training. The Angels center fielder confesses to training six days per week when he’s not enduring another tough MLB season. He says the best way to get him through it is to bring in some competition to his workouts and Trout claims to always train with friends.

That way, it allows him to keep his competitive edge. Going head to head in his workouts ensures that he never gives up until the last second, in the hopes of beating his partner. Some of the exercises Trout focuses on include speed and agility, lifting heavy, and working his core.

When he’s working on speed Trout likes to do footwork drills, sprints, and sled pulls, while sometimes running at full speed for a minute, resting, and repeating. His preferred heavy lifting drills include dumbbell curls and hex bar deadlifts. Then to build up strength in his forearms Trout will swing his bat at a padded target.

He also swings kettlebells around and will do squats with or without added weights. To improve his core strength, Trout likes to do tire rolls, planks, push-ups, and pull-ups. He says he and his friends will do push-ups on a BOSU ball until one of them falls off and is declared the loser.

His biggest asset

Perhaps the best physical quality Trout has is his speed, so how does he improve that when working out? His secret weapon is to do 40 and 50 -inch box jumps while at the gym. That’s where he gets his explosive power from that not only helps him get moving faster, but also helps with that impressive leap of his.

Trout says that sometimes he’ll even do those box jumps while carrying weights to make the difficulty even harder. To make himself feel strong, Trout has one unconventional exercise which he loves. The Angels star will load up a big tire with dumbbells and then start rolling it back and forth around the gym. He says it works all of the really important muscles in his body plus he’ll feel like a beast afterward.

Adding fuel to the fire

Trout wouldn’t be able to do all of his exercises at the gym or perform to the highest level on game day if he wasn’t eating right. The hardest part of any athlete’s fitness regime is staying disciplined and only eating the right foods for their body.

Trout says he tries to balance the protein he consumes along with some vegetables to ensure he has enough energy. Then to prevent any cramp from setting in, he likes to have a sports drink which will also help to keep him hydrated.

Keeping it fresh

Trout confesses to struggling with exercise when it becomes a routine, and he likes to ensure his workouts feel organic rather than too structured. Because he’s already such a well-rounded athlete, he doesn’t have to focus too much on just one thing, so he does different workouts each day.

His trainer, Dan Richter, said Trout was a little too bulky in his early days as a pro, and now that his body is more well-rounded they train everything. According to the star, he doesn’t focus on the numbers and doesn’t know what his fastest sprint time is or one rep max. It’s all about having fun for Trout in the gym and not getting too hung up on personal bests.

Mike Trout is the one player most teams would love to have on their roster, but he’s tied down to the Angels for the foreseeable future. He’s one of the most impressive players in any baseball park, and it’s largely down to his attitude toward exercise and commitment to a diet plan.