Scientists reveal the exercises that will make us live longer

Your health is one of the greatest gifts you have, so make sure you look after it and keep yourself fit on a daily basis. You need to be active and ensure you are putting the right things into your body as well. This means making sure you come up with a positive exercise regime that’s going to get you much fitter and healthier – not to mention helping us build a better body.

The more you take care of yourself, the more likely you are to live a long and healthy life. That’s the theory anyway. So, to make sure you are looking after yourself as much as possible, you can even incorporate a few exercises that will help you to live longer, and take better care of your body. So, without further ado, get a load of these scientist-approved exercises that will help you live longer.

Improving flexibility

You can actually test your age these days be keeping your legs and back straight, and bending over to touch your toes. This is not an exact science, but it should help you guess your age, or, at the very least, figure out if you’re unfit. The best thing to do is to try to work on improving your flexibility because this will help you to live longer. Bending over like this 30 times a day for a month can have really positive results. It strengthens ligaments and tendons and can help improve your organs too.

Static gymnastics

Sounds odd right? But, static gymnastics can actually be an excellent way of ensuring that you help prolong your life as much as possible. It helps to eliminate muscle spasms, as well as releasing tension, and bringing more oxygen into your body. You’ll also be working a lot of internal muscles you never knew you had; this will massage your inner organs and help improve digestion. You can do this with ease, from the comfort of home, and it’s going to have a really positive effect on your life.


Swimming has long been cited as one of the best forms of exercise you can do, and we’re here to corroborate that. Swimming is essential for so many reasons – it nurtures your heart, strengthens your lungs, and works muscles you never knew you had. In fact, swimming is one of those forms of exercise that is actually proven to help you live longer. So, the sooner you are able to take up swimming, the better it will be for your body and your health in the long-term.

There are so many great exercises and fitness regimes you can undergo that will help you to get the best possible outcome from your exercise. You have to make sure you work hard and keep healthy on a regular basis, and the way to do that is to ensure that you keep fit as often as possible. These are also some of the great exercises and techniques you can apply that will help you to live longer and prolong your life. It’s important to take care of your muscles, organs, and, especially your heart, and these will help you to do that.