The biggest geeks in pro sports

For years, people were either jocks or geeks and the two never really mixed. Now sports people aren’t afraid to embrace their inner geeks, and some of the most famous sports people are also super nerdy. Check out these biggest geeks in pro sports.

Michael Phelps

It’s almost impossible to think of anyone being able to beat Michael Phelps at anything. The all-time record holder for most Olympic gold medals confesses that he loves the Call of Duty video game series, but does get mad when he loses. Phelps admitted that he gets really into the game and becomes “heated” when he’s losing. The swimmer even said he engages in trash talk, despite the fact it’s probably some ten-year-old kid on the receiving end of his tirades.

John Urschel

You normally associate the brains of any football operation to be the quarterback, but don’t tell that to offensive linebacker John Urschel. He might not look like it, but Urshel is a genius when it comes to math, and he graduated from Penn State University with a masters in mathematics. When he’s not locking horns with opponents on the gridiron, Urshel is busy thinking of mathematics. In fact, the Ravens star co-authored a paper for the Journal of Computational Mathematics. At 308 pounds, Urschel not only has the brawn, but he’s got the brains to match.

Tim Duncan

The San Antonio Spurs legend is not afraid to let his geeky nature come out and even earned the nickname of “Mr. Spock” when he played basketball in college. Duncan is one of the most impressive players ever to grace the NBA, and his five rings prove that. Perhaps it’s his adventurous spirit that has helped him to be so successful as the former Spurs icon is reportedly a huge fan of Dungeons and Dragons. He loves fantasy so much he even sports a tattoo of Merlin the wizard on his chest to prove it.

R. A. Dickey

If you watch R. A. Dickey play baseball, it’s pretty clear from the get-go that he’s a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise. When the pitcher makes his way to the plate he comes out to the Imperial March, to deliver his famed knuckleball. Dickey has posted pictures of himself in his Star Wars onesie, that he got sent directly from LucasFilm.

The pitcher has even recorded a video for MLB while dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, where he reeled off a ton of Star Wars facts for fans. Dickey says his love of Star Wars began when he was a child and watched the movies every day in a row for 40 days straight. That’s dedication.

Robin and Brook Lopez

The Lopez twins might be some of the biggest stars in the NBA today, but they have a pretty geeky hobby. They are both probably the biggest comic book fans in the world, both because they love collecting them, and because they’re literal giants. The brothers have rubbed shoulders with comic royalty such as Jim Lee, and Robin loves to cosplay as Thor or Doc Brown. When he retires, Brook has high hopes of creating his very own comic book series.

Sure these athletes have taken the time and dedication to be the best in the world, but when they get free time they love nothing more than nerding out. Clearly it’s working for them as they rose to the top of their respective sports.